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SHE Boutique began in 2018 as a global wholesaler. In March 2019 a representative program was launched, and was taken over in May 2019.

SHE Boutique is now based in the UK, and ships from the UK, USA and Asia to ensure quick delivery world wide. This also means we continue to offer our representative program to individuals across the globe.

We supply a range of items from a number of companies and brands, this enables us to provide a range of collections to meet global fashion trends in a wide range of sizes.

SHE Boutique takes pride in customer service. Representatives can provide a personalised shopping experience and recommend products specific to your needs. Not only does this enable easier shopping, it also means product information is more accessible and any issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Don't have a representative? Get in touch at to speak to us directly, or to request a representative. 



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